Brazilian Blowout Original Solution, 34 oz
Brazilian Blowout

Brazilian Blowout Original Solution, 34 oz

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  • Cleanse

Generously spray Professional Ionic Cleanser throughout soaking wet hair and scalp and message vigorously until a foam begins to form.


  • Towel Dry

Towel Dry hair to remove excess moisture.


  • Divide Hair

Divide hair into 4 even sections.


  • Measure Solution

          Short hair:  ¼ oz to ½ oz
          Med hair:    ½ oz to ¾ oz
          Long hair:   ¾ oz to 1 oz    


  • Application

-Start with a ¼ to ½ inch section from one of the back quadrants

-Using the applicator brush, lightly dust solution on the section and comb it through hair, working from roots to ends.

-Apply solution directly to the root-NOT the scalp.

IMPORTANT: Stylist should wear GLOVES and both Stylist and client should wear PROTECTIVE EYEWEAR until product is rinsed from the hair.


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  • Blow Dry

Blow dry hair as sleek and smooth as possible and 100% dry.

-Use Brazilian Blowout Round Boar Bristle Brush.

-DO NOT use metal or ceramic brush

-DO NOT blow dry directly into the brush.


  • Flat Iron

This seals the product onto the hair.

-Flat iron in ½ to 11/2inch sections on average

-Use a minimum temp of 380F & a maximum temp of 450F based on the integrity of the hair and desired results.

-Flat iron each section at least 4 to 5 times to seal in treatment.

-For a straighter appearance, flat iron each section at least 7 times.

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  • Rinsing

Completely rinse solution from hair- Do not leave solution in hair.

-DO NOT shampoo.


  • Apply Brazilian Blowout Ionic Bonding Spray

This Completes & Preserves the Treatment

-Shake thoroughly to mix the product.

-Mist about 5 inches on clean damp hair

-Comb to distribute throughout hair. Style as usual.



  • Finishing

-We recommend using a small amount of Brazilian Blowout Daily Smoothing Serum or Brazilian Blowout Thermal Protective Straightening Balm starting at the ends and working up, then blow dry and style as desired.


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