Actiiv Recover Women 2oz Travel Size Duo

Actiiv Recover Women 2oz Travel Size Duo

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Actiiv Recover for Women is formulated with natural ingredients that help encourage thicker, fuller hair growth. 

Recover is ideal for females experiencing hair thinning and shedding caused by genetics, stress, illness, medications and every reason in between. 

The shampoo treatment promotes denser hair by naturally cleansing the hair follicles of DHT, the #1 caused of hair loss, while the conditioner encourages a healthy scalp which creates and perfect environment to growth thicker, fuller hair. 

The Recover system is used every other day in place of your regular shampoo and conditioner, and only takes 5 minutes to work. It is color safe, vegan, cruelty free and formulated for all hair types. 

  • Actiiv Recover Shampoo Treatment for Women, 2 Fl.oz
  • Actiiv Recover Unisex Conditioner, 2 Fl.oz